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Milana Music

Milana Vik is an Adelaide based piano teacher with solid experience of 26 years in Piano Pedagogy.

Milana was born in Baku, former Soviet Union, in mixed Russian-Armenian family. Her family was musically inclined, and her father often played the bass cello and the guitar, and her mother was the singer. Throughout Milana’s childhood, her parents sang together famous contemporary songs amongst their close family and friends.

Milana’s Musical Journey began at the age of 6 when she attended school within Baku’s Conservatorium of Music. This was initial  preparation for Specialised Secondary Music School named after a famous Soviet performer, Bulbul, and established for gifted students.

At the age of 7, Milana successfully performed in her audition, and was offered a place in Bulbul’s Specialised Secondary Music School. Upon completion of the Specialised Music School, Milana continued her musical education in the University which she completed in 1996. Milana graduated with Merits.

Milana continued performing in different cities of Russia, and was a well established music teacher.

Upon migrating to Australia, Milana continued musical education in Elder Conservatorium and in 2012 graduated with Honours Degree in Classical Piano from the University of Adelaide. Throughout her studies in the University of Adelaide, Milana commenced employment in various music schools and colleges across Adelaide, preparing her students for exams and contributing to their musical education.

Milana Music

Milana Music

In 2016, Milana established “Milana Music Studio” for professional education in various areas of music. Milana Music Studio is focused towards provision of professional musical development, where students are taught to love, understand, listen and feel the music and its deep meaning.

Milana Music

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