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Milana Vik is an Adelaide based piano teacher with solid experience of 26 years in Piano Pedagogy. Milana was born in Baku, former Soviet Union, in mixed Russian-Armenian family. Her family was musically inclined, and her father often played the bass cello and the guitar, and her mother was the singer. Throughout Milana’s childhood, her parents sang together famous contemporary songs amongst their close family and friends.

Milana’s Musical Journey began at the age of 6 when she attended school within Baku’s Conservatorium of Music…..

Milana Music Lessons

Milana Music - Private Lessons

Private Lesson

Private lessons are suitable for students of any age, starting from 5 years old. Being the most effective method of learning music, private lessons provide one on one learning with the teacher, and allow students to improve their knowledge, develop their musical skills and achieve learning with use of deeper methods….

Milana Music - Group Lessons

Group Lesson

Students of young age often prefer music lessons in groups, where the learning environment becomes easier and more enjoyable. Musical games, playing together and singing facilitates learning development of each student, as they learn while play in the group, surrounded by their peers…..

Milana Music - Music Theory and Solfeggio Lessons

Music Theory and Solfeggio Lesson

Music Theory and Solfeggio lessons are a great way to develop students and their musicality, by teaching them understanding behind reading music and applying the “solfa” syllables to the musical scale. The knowledge of intervals, scales and keys provide proper understanding of why and how the notes work together……

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